Kawasaki Z750 - Stripped the Zed down today, got rid of the slash cut silencers, shocks, mudguard, headlamp, indicators etc and cut a section off of the frame. 

BSB practice, Druids, Brands Hatch.

V11 road tested and ready to go, R90s progressing nicely.

Moto Guzzi V11 - We don’t just do full builds. We’ve made a plate hanger to tidy up the rear of the bike complete with rear light and indicators. It’s a plug and play item that utilises the original fixing points. We’ve fitted Oberon’s to the front to match and stripped down the footpeg hangers which have then been anodised. We’ve also replaced the swing arm bearings as they were notchy, it only became apparent that they needed changing once the hangers were removed, which isn’t as straightforward as you might think…

The engine is back in the R90s but it’s in a lot better shape than last time, following a complete strip and rebuild with substantial performance modifications. It now has twin spark heads, deep sump, uprated gearbox etc, the last shot shows some of the parts that have been replaced.

BMW R90s awaits its engine, it’s (finally) going in on Monday. Two new bikes in today, an immaculate W800 via Hunts Motorcycles of Manchester and a ‘79 Z750b2, more on those soon. The W800 CR seat is back and looks great and the CB750 engine is removed and ready for some tlc.

Honda CB750 FA - The bike looks cosmetically great but has come in as a non runner that hasn’t been started in years. When we did eventually get it started it ran really badly, backfiring, smoking and not firing on all four cylinders. Further investigation revealed poor compression, the decision was then taken to look at the top end which revealed more problems. Sealant has been used on the cam cover which has broken down and found its way into the engine. Valve shims are within tolerance meaning that’s not part of the problem but the there are plenty of signs of scoring on both. Theres plenty of oil at the top but there was also a hint of of a metal shimmer, not good. The oil was then dropped and the filter removed, there’s a layer of sludge contaminated with metal flecks… Unfortunately a full strip and rebuild is required before going any further.

Aprilia Tuono V4 “BarnStormer” concept design

Aprilia Tuono V4 “BarnStormer” concept design

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Spirit are featured in the spring 2014 issue of “Drive”, the beautiful quarterly magazine from H.R. Owen.

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