Triumph T100 Speedster - I delivered the bike to Chris to find that he’d had another new toy delivered the day before, a Ford GT40. Top bloke, he let me drive it. Pics by Simon Hurst. 

Out with the Ohlins, in with the new. The “Blackie” Bonnie has been back for a new pair of shocks and some dyno time at T3 Racing. The Ohlins units were on the bike when it came to us originally but we’ve found them to be pretty unforgiving over the bumps and lacking in adjustability. The decision was made to upgrade to the Fox Podium RC’s which not only look the nuts but have a great range of control and fine tuning available. 

Triumph T100 Speedster - full info and pics coming soon.

Ducati GT-R seat unit - available to pre-order from the website within 48 hours, follow the link above. The seat is a ‘click and play’ unit with a removable set pad allowing you to re-cover it if you wish. Once the metal seat pins are finished we’ll be ready to manufacture the first batch.

Some of the latest progress on the Thruxton, W800CR and ‘79 Z750.

The Triumphs continue to roll in. We took in two new donor bikes last week, a T100 and an immaculate Thruxton. Saturday was a bit different, the BBC dropped by and I spent the day riding and filming with David Harewood, star of Homeland, Blood Diamond etc…

W800 Cafe Racer - Lots of LSL goodness… rear sets, clip ons, triple trees plus Fox rear shocks. The exhaust is on next and the paint is underway at D-Luck’s.

Coventry MotoFest Part 1.

I had a great time back in my home town for the inaugural Coventry MotoFest at the weekend. There was an eclectic mix of cars, bikes and people and I got to hang out with my family too…

You need this. Friends of ours working hard to make something beautiful and unique - Stay True!

You need this. Friends of ours working hard to make something beautiful and unique - Stay True!

Hi Tim,

We was racing at Cadwell for round 4 of the championship at the weekend. 
Saturday was test day and we had the most torrential rain, I’m surprised they let us ride in the conditions, as parts of the track had small streams running across causing aqua plaining, also viability was very poor if behind another rider. I was my second time riding in the wet, and previously I had crashed so I wasn’t really lucking forward to it, despite that, I rode in all my sessions, and I can now say that I enjoy riding in the wet, I found good speed and was able to pass many riders that are normally fast than me in the dry, so this gave me good confidence and I was hoping for a wet qualifying on Sunday morning.
Sunday morning, we went straight into a 15 minute qualifying session, conditions we dry, since I was struggling with rider traffic, I held back to give myself a gap so I could crack on with some clear track, but stupidly once I had a gap, I pushed on to hard straight away and crashed at Mansfield, on lap 4, I didn’t even get a half decent lap in - I’d like to think it was something to do with not scrubbing my new tyres in (on the less frequent left hand corners), but I shouldn’t make excuses. I only managed a time of 1.43.5, which put me 6th in class, 16th on the grid.
Race 1, I was a little confident after my crash and therefore didn’t push as hard as I should have done for the first lap or 2, this meant the faster mini twin pack got a head and I had a pretty lonely race, managing a lap time of 1.42.2. I finished 4th in class, 14th overall.
Race 2, A very similar race, but I managed a decent start and so was with the faster pack for the first 3 laps, I didn’t quite have the speed through the tighter part of the track, Hall’s Bends especially and so they gradually got away, my fastest time was a 1.42.5, slightly disappointing as I had felt more confident.
Monday, we had a 10 minute warm-up session, the sun was shining again. I managed a time of 1.42.00, faster than the previous days track time, so that gave me confidence for the coming 2 races.
Race 3, off to a good start, and made up a few places into Coppice (turn 1) I think I was sitting in 4th position behind the leading minitwin pack on lap 4 when a mechanical failure meant I had to pull of the track and call it a day, the engine was not repairable for the following race.  Despite not finishing the race, I set my current fastest lap time around Cadwell, a 1.41.3, so there are positives to take.
Tonight I’m going to the workshop to fit the new engine, so that it is ready for the dyno on Monday night, so then I can get on a track day Oulton Park to gain some track knowledge for our next race there June 20th/21st. 
Thank you very much for all your help and support,
Kind Regards,

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